Lyrics in English

English translations of some of our songs, translated by Anu Hautalampi.

Tanssi tanssi! – Dance dance!

Let me dance you to the far reaches of the world
Money has chained us to fake, plastic gods
Whoever finds gold on the ground
Has to stoop down
Greedily licking their lips
Growing used to the bad and the ugly

When your lucky star is shining
Trust your own tune
The wobbly wetlands of life
I will walk with you

August cloudberries
glow like drops of gold
Cottongrass dreams
Carry us far away from here

If you come away with me today
Give yourself in to this fiery dance
Poverty is our partner
Leading our steps from one house to the next

I don’t wish to be your slave
Or you to be enslaved to me
I want to dance in the moonlight
And give in to this bliss

Dance, dance
‘Til the dust rises off the road
Why try to seize the wind
It never can be caught


HEAP OF ASHES (Kasa tuhkaa)

Tomorrow once will
Be called yesterday
For that moment in between
You my darling I’ll be kissing

A heap of ashes a mound of wind
For just a moment we are here
A heap of ashes a mound of wind
My friend let us embrace

When fate throws the dice
Dreams become your guide

Those afraid of going into water
On the shore they can whine
Horse-flies so black biting your back
Waves so lovely rippling

A heap of ashes a mound of wind…

Wine drinkers come on sing
Praise life
One day we will be lying down
An empty glass left on the ground

A heap of ashes a mound of wind…

SLOWLY (Verkkaan)

A carefree face I put on for the world outside
But your love was boiling my heart
Amorous fumes softened my head
Doubt and fear crept into my soul

Oh so slowly our love is dying
The flames of longing are licking my heart

Thought my road would go from win to win
But it led me astray to play and sin
Through the world I wandered with fading dreams
My merry songs turned mournful

Oh so slowly…

The early morning sun shines so sadly
Life’s a treat, one more day I get to taste
The best of my days may have passed
The memory of love I hid in my heart

Oh so slowly…

Little birds told me you found someone new
It was early morning just after six
In the lock of my house door as I put the key
In love I had to admit my bitter defeat

Oh so slowly…

DUSTY ROADS (Pölyiset tiet)

Dusty roads dusty roads dusty roads dusty roads
World, oh world, where are you leading your child

Scorching dreams were tearing at my chest
With my song I challenged the world
Believing beauty would conquer wrong
And each one would get what they deserve

Dusty roads…

Shreds of love in my chest I carried
Gave myself to the winds of the world
The world is beautiful and warm its embrace
So cold is the wind blowing over the world

I was lusting for life with parched lips
My own shadow I thought was death
The chains around me my song is breaking
There’s feeling now where all was numb

Dusty roads…


Do come in, let me hang your coat
My old friend
Have sausages or bread or something to wet your throat
Everything that is mine shall be yours too

Hey disappointment hey – a visitor unforgettable
It feels as if you hadn’t been away
Hey disappointment hey – how long has it been?
You’re lurking in the shadows, in the corners of my soul

All this time I sensed that you would not be long
So I sat by the window and stared at the dark road
And finally when I saw arrive your figure so grey
I welcomed you and opened the door

Hey disappointment hey…

My intuition must be right, guess that once again
A persistent guest your presence will become
Therefore I whisper to you as one friend to another
All I have I will give to you, only my dreams I shall hold on to

Hey disappointment hey…

FRESH BREEZE (Raikas henkäys)

What I thought was my self was a prison cell
From behind its bars I looked at life
Life is sweet like candy
Just a glimpse you’ll catch from the prison window

Into your cell blew a fresh breeze
You soared from your sleep to a scent of roses
Into the highest learning of the highest order
Into a flowing stream you dipped your feet

The wind with it can carry a grain of sand
Like grains of sand are our lives
The wind moves on and we’re covered by earth
On your lips for just a moment lingers golden wine

Into your cell blew a fresh breeze…

Footprints of nomads blend into the road
From dusk to dusk they go
And on the road echoes a traveller’s song
Free as the wind unattached to anything

Into your cell blew a fresh breeze…

DREAM OR REALITY (Unta vai totta)

Dream or reality, I look now
Dream or reality, into the shadows
Dream or reality, at the play
Dream or reality, of a strange flame

Dream or reality, I do not know
Dream or reality, I do not care
Dream or reality, fog of the night
Dream or reality, I may be too

Secret is the way that leads to you

My heart was like a desert
And through its endless sand I wandered
You I wanted and came to touch
Everything I saw in colours so dazzling

Is love perhaps just a dream
And real only the uncertainty of it all
The hand I held in the night
Had a touch of autumn too

Secret is the way that leads to you

The autumn air whispers in your ear
Towards death we go
After working, after loving
Nothingness awaits us


Oh how the wheel of wonders spins
So garishly it blinks
Busybodies rush around
Sceptics get joked about

In abundance it spreads
Opulence aplenty
With full force
Increases acceleration

The wheel of wonders spins round and round
Faster and faster to not fall down

Debt on debt
Interest on interest
Make yourself believe
The supply will never end

If its speed slows down
It soon will tumble
An end will come to this
And the people pay the bill

The wheel of wonders spins round and round…

Is this what it meant
Your miserable fate
Your apple is rotten
And that’s the truth of it

Thought you were so clever
With your life so busy
But it was a shit load
That you wrapped up in gold

The wheel of wonders spins round and round…

EMPEROR (Keisari)

A flirtatiously tender
Strange play of words
Your tongue in secret
Placed on my ear

From my ear lobe
Down the nerve tracks
A message of love travels
Out of joy I cried

Into a dangerous game
Derailing our world from its orbit
Into a dangerous game
My inhibitions I no longer recall

The taxi doors are slamming
The night is dark as silk
Is nature too making love?
I hear the frogs are croaking

My facade is crumbling
Your scent intoxicates me
Whatever I may lose
With pleasure I’ll let it go

Into a dangerous game…

I stepped into an ocean
My feet can’t reach the depths
An unknown flame
Is steering my heart

The song I sang
Was for you
The most beautiful one
One I secretly longed for

Into a dangerous game…

MOST SUCCESSFUL MAN (Mies menestyvin)

No crown of a king nor a sultan’s harlem
Will I need if I can have you I would throw it all away
Like businessmen for wealth and professors for book learning
Others settle for crumbs I aim up to the heights

I am a most successful man when on your lips I place a kiss
All is perfectly well it’s you I love

Napoleon with his victories I don’t envy him one bit
I believe in love and my Austerlitz I will have with you
The shiniest of rubies would not be enough nor six millions
The latch of luck I lifted and the gates of love now open up

I am a most successful man…

You are a flower of the fell like a bumblebee I head to you
With the blazing Northern lights over my daydreams you glow
As over a snowy white cover I ski the distance to your side
Kissing your lips now my love let me give to you

I am a most successful man…

THE LOVE THAT DIED (Kuollut rakkaus)

My heart belongs to another
You I should not love
The world so unfair
Brings us together again

Each kiss would be so wrong
It would be wisest to just go

The love that died rises from its grave surrounds us
The love that died a honey-coated trap in its grip will remain
Two lovers heading for their ruin
The love that died

Is it right or wrong
To stay by your side
A strange feeling in my heart
Now is redrawing boundaries

The past will nevermore return
An echo from the past far away rings in my ears

The love that died…

My heart belongs to another
It beats for you too
Again the winds of fate
Lead us into storms

An ocean is raging inside of me
My heart gives me no answers

The love that died rises from its grave surrounds us
The love that died a honey-coated trap in its grip will remain
Two lovers heading for their ruin
The love that died

DASH MY TROIKA (Kiidä troikka!)

Dash my troika to my loved one
Speed on through the frosty night
Fly over the grey snow cover
Fly beyond the starry sky

Through the forest the snow carries us
Through the forest feel the way
Today free yesterday imprisoned
All my love I’ll take to my dear

Dash dash dash my troika dash beyond starry gardens
Before long with my little darling by her side the song comes on

Swish and wail the lash of my whip
The stallions can take it
Hiss and howl winter breeze
A warm cottage is waiting

Though I took my time please don’t hate me
Please don’t reject my love
I long for the hot flesh of your lips
The fire of heated kisses

Dash dash dash my troika…

Far I travelled to other villages
Far I roamed the world
Didn’t fall for another’s arms
To you I always belonged

Travelled to distant ocean shores
Travelled through all foreign lands
If you’ll let me come to you
Everything and all you’ll get)

Dash dash dash my troika…

GREAT ROADS OF A BIG WORLD (Suuren maailman suurilla teillä)

From bazaars to bazaars
Beyond seas and mountains
Singing touring going where
My boots take me

Singing and loving
I wasted the days of youth
That little dark-browed one
Never could I forget

Where did my friends go
Where the prettiest flowers
Where do days disappear
Where did my worries vanish

With empty pockets I arrived here
With empty pockets I will leave
Had my chance to sing and to love
What more could one ask for

On the great roads of a big world
I have learned to sing my songs
On the wide roads of a vast world
With me are dancing the winds alone

Dance with me my friend
Dance while there still is time
Days these beautiful disappear
Fade away golden rays of Sun

Dance sing raise a toast
Remember the sound of our song
Love brought us together
Cold winds separated us

On the great roads of a big world
I have learned to sing my songs
On the wide roads of a vast world
With me are dancing the winds alone

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